In our day to day life, we see many things and use them daily. But we did not notice the purpose of being there and sometimes we did not utilize the things in the correct way they have to be used. So let us know about these ten things you have to know as well as let us talk about a few things and their real purposes.

Toothpaste Colored Squares on Crimp

Waking up in the morning and we start brushing our teeth but have you ever noticed the small colored squares on the crimp of your favorite toothpaste. These colored squares are called “Eye Marks”. Eye marks are made so that the same can be automatically sensed by the optical sensor. It conveys the sensor from where to cut and fold the toothpaste tube by proper positioning during the filling and sealing process.

Small Pocket in Jeans and Rivets

In Jeans, you may have noticed a small pocket and this pocket is not useless. These small pockets are known “watch pockets”. During 1800, when cowboys used to carry a chain clock, they use to keep their clocks in these small pockets safely to protect them from being broken or damaged. In these same watch pockets, there are little buttons called “rivets”. They use to provide strength to jeans from ripping and reinforcing the layer from where pockets are attached. In 1873, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented the copper rivets.

Hole in Pot Handles

Making tomato soup in a cooking pot is easy and searching for other utensils for putting the spoon or ladle is common. So, what in every pot there is a hole in the handle, where you can place the spoon or ladle that will prop over the pot without dripping and mess,

Extra Eyelets in Converse Shoes

Lacing shoes in different styles is an art for some people but for some, it is a tedious job. You may have seen some extra eyelets in your shoes. These eyelets are for bar lacing. They are not for air circulation but they will allow your shoes to be tighter during lacing.

Little Hole in Padlocks

Padlocks are used in and out of the house commonly for security. Padlocks are designed with a little hole to drain out the excess water or dirt and also let the oil used for lubrication to easily pass through thus by enhancing the durability of padlocks.

Hole in Pen Cap

Biting or chewing a pen cap is a common habit, you could witness in people around you but sometimes swallowing it may cause serious consequences like choking. That is why Bic Cristal originally made a hole in pen cap as a part of the design to prevent suffocation keeping in mind the habit of children playing with the caps. The hole lets the air to pass and avoid suffocation.

Stationery Cutter Knife with Multiple Blades

Using a paper-knife for a long period makes it blunt. How to get a sharp knife again? Cutter knives are Come with multiple blades that can be broken off by using a handle slot of the knife. Every time you can need a sharp edge, just replace a blade by simply breaking it.

Tic Tac Mint Box

Shaking a box of Tic Tac mint and eating like a boss is often cool but do you know the unique design of Tic Tac mint box will only let you eat one single mint at a time by properly dispensing.  The design of the box has a special portable end that will only catch one single mint. This design is an example of marvelous food packaging to enhance the consumer’s experience. So, it’s cool enough if in hurry you had dumped all the mints in your hand, stay smart.

Keyboards Ridges

While typing fast on the keyboard, may be you have noticed there are small raised ridges or bumps on Keys F and J. These raised ridges help the user to position the fingers correctly and type fast without looking down again and again. June E patented This feature in keyboard by . Botich in 2002.

Laptop Power Cable

Have You known That Cylinder at the end of your laptop power cable? So Many People Thinks It’s for Decoration, But No, It’s Not for Decoration. It Helps to Supply High-Frequency Noise in The Electrical Circuits to protect it from damage, it is Designed in Cylindrical Shape.

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