Top 15+ Best helpful Chrome Extensions you cannot Live Without

Top 15+ Best helpful Chrome Extensions you cannot Live Without

Using browser extensions, we are able to get a lot of options in internet browsers, all of that square measure terribly helpful, however a number of the foremost helpful square measure listed on this page. Here I tell you concerning the most effective and helpful Google Chrome extensions obtainable on Chrome internet Store, while not that you’ll be able to not live while not.

Thousands of extensions square measure obtainable on the Chrome internet Store, Therefore, several of them are developed by giant technical school corporations, several will run offline, and every one of those is developed victimization internet languages like JavaScript. Therefore, you’ll be able to develop and submit your own Chrome extension within the internet Store victimization your Google Account.

See that helpful Chrome extensions are:

1. Adblock – Extensions

Adblock and Adblock Plus allow you to block all types of ads on web pages and the websites you visit; You can install any of them because both of them are separate extensions, but both of them Equally giving similar features. Blocking ads will boost your web browsing speed.

2. Unlimited Free VPN – Hola

Hola is one of the best free VPN services, but not only this the company’s Chrome extension allows you to quickly enable VPN on your browser and easily access geo-blocked and restricted sites. And also you do not need to install any additional VPN application on your computer, just use this extension and access restricted sites directly from your Chrome browser.

3. Grammarly for Chrome Extensions

Unless you have the grammarly extension enabled on your browser, you do not have to worry about grammar and spelling mistakes, as you write on the web, it checks your text for grammar and spelling mistakes, and you Click to fix errors.

4. Video Downloader professional – Extensions

Video Downloader not only captures online streaming video from the web but also pages you visit, and allows you to download them to your computer. Therefore, When it detects the video, the extension icon in the toolbar menu leads to green.

5. Honey

Honey is a very useful browser and extension for online shoppers, but you don’t have to find discount coupons online, this extension allows you to automatically find the best coupon code and applies it to your checkout page. Please read the details to know more about shopping sites support.

6. Wayback Machine – Extensions

Internet Archive is not only a non-profit organization that creates cache copies of the websites and webpages available on the Web to the Wayback Machine, so when they are deleted or not available, you can still view them through the Wayback Machine. This Chrome extension allows you to make it straightforward to seek out URL cache copies directly from your browser tab.

7. Ghostery – Extensions

Ghostery is for those who are very serious about their online privacy, when you browse the web, your information will be tracked by the websites you visit, but if this extension is enabled on your browser those tracking scripts will not track you, even this will block ads.

8. Pop up blocker for Chrome™ – Extensions

This pop-up blocker extension is not only is much better than the Chrome’s built-in pop-up blocker functionality, but it also blocks all the pop-ups and overlays from the sites you visit.

9. LastPass: Free Password Manager – Extensions

Chrome has built-in Password Manager, but also LastPass is a cross-browser extension packed with Cloud Sync feature, you can install this extension on all browsers and devices, and all your saved passwords work with all the browsers.

10. iMacros for Chrome – Extensions

iMacros not only automates your web browser work, but it also records your activity on the web and allows to run those activities again in the loop. iMacros is also available for other browsers.

11. Magic Actions for YouTube™ – Extensions

Magic Actions not only adds more features to in your browser, such as AutoHD, cinema Mode, color themes, take video snapshot, and much more.

12. Evernote Web Clipper / Google Keep / OneNote Web Clipper

Evernote, Google Keep, and OneNote are not only the best free note-taking software applications but also the browser extension of these services allow you to save web pages directly from the browser toolbar.

13. Emoji for Google Chrome

It is not only difficult to type emoji on the PC without the on-screen keyboard, but also by using this browser extension you can easily type emoji characters on the web with mouse clicks.

14. Turn Off the Lights – Extensions

If you have recently used the feature of the dark theme on, this extension is quite similar to the one when you open a web page that contains a video player, the extension permits you to darken the complete webpage except for the video player.

15. Google Translate – Extensions

See the translation of texts, as you browse the web on the same page and the same browser tab, click on the text/highlight and press the Google Translate icon in the toolbar. You can additionally translate the complete webpage Using this extension.

16. PanicButton

Hide your opened browser tab with just one click, the PanicButton allows you to hide what you are doing on the web, so no one can catch what kind of video you are watching on your computer.

17. Checker Plus for Gmail™ – Extensions

You do not need to check your Gmail inbox in a new tab in browser, as you can not only able to easily manage your Gmail account directly from the browser toolbar by using this extension.

18. Stylish

Using Stylish, you can personalize any website in the way you want, you can write your own custom theme or use pre-written themes from

19. Session Buddy – Extensions

With Session Buddy, you save your current browser session (e.g., open windows and tabs) separately by name, next time the session can be restored with just one click.

20. Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely

It’s a powerful screen capture tool for Chrome browser, therefore it helps to take a screenshot of a full web page or a particular page element, then save it as an image or PDF file.

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